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How to Book Kids Camp Session

How to Book Kids Camp & 

How Camp Works

How to Book Camp:

Step One
Go to the Kids Camp Link: Kids Art Camps Page    -OR-    Go to the Calendar Link: Calendar Page

Step Two
Go to the day and session time you are interested in.

Step Three
Click the session link and fill in the registration page with your child's name.

Camp Hours
- All Campers, please bring a snack.
- Full Day Campers, please bring a bag lunch.
- Please avoid packing any food in your child’s lunch or snack containing peanuts,
tree nuts, fish or shellfish or any food that needs to be microwaved or refrigerated.

How Camp Works / Drop Off & Pick Up:

Please be prepared to come in to drop off your child and complete the registration process.  You will need to do/provide the following information:

Drop Off

Pick Up
Early and After Care
Camp Attire and Belongings

Art Camp Rules, Expectations, and Consequences:

Campers will:
If a rule or expectation is broken:
Questions and Feedback