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How to Book Kids Camp Session

How to Book Kids Camp Sessions

Step One

Go to the Kids Camp Link: Kids Art Camps Page    -OR-    Go to the Calendar Link: Calendar Page

Step Two
Go to the day and session time you are interested in.

Step Three
Click the session link and fill in the registration page with your child's name.

How Camp works + Checking IN & OUT

Please remember to pack a morning snack, lunch, and an afternoon snack for your kid/s enrolled in daily or weekly camps. Please do not pack raw fish, nuts, fish, soup or food that needs to be microwaved;  we have lots of kids with airborne allergies.

Camp starts at 9.00AM-12:00PM and the afternoon session starts at 1.00PM -4.00PM. Full day camp includes the lunch session.
If you need to pick up within the session this must be done via email to info@createmixandmingle.com with the contact of who is picking up.
All parents must enter the studio when dropping off and picking up their kids.
»Kids« are not allowed to enter or leave the camp room without being signed IN or OUT. Please inform your children.

First Day of Camp
Monday check in starts at 8.30AM all other days are 8.45AM -9.00AM unless you have arranged early drop-off.

Check in time, we need the following:

8.30AM Check in for the weekly camp session (Monday)
8.45AM Check in kids on the registration page in camp room or on reception (Tues-Fri)
12.00PM Pick up AM session
12.00-1.00PM Lunch time if you're a full day camper. AM campers, please arrange additional care if needed.
1.00PM Check in for PM Session
4.00PM Pick up 
4.10PM-5.00PM Late pick up

» 4.10PM is considered late pick up - if you need extra time or will be later than 4.00PM please make sure to send an email notify us. Late fees are applicable after 4.10PM at $20 per hour «

If you need early drop off or late pick up please give us as much notice as possible - otherwise, our artist and camp assistants start at 8.30AM to 4.30PM to set up and clean up.

We have a NO cell phone policy- kids must ask the camp teacher if they wish to call their parents during a camp session.

Coats, Jackets, Lunch Bags, Water Bottles, Tops & Artwork
At the end of the weekly camp session (Friday) all left over belongs will be donated to a kids in need charity the following Monday. If you think you might have left items please make sure you have sent an email or called us to arrange pick up over the weekend or by the following Monday morning.

If anyone has any additional  questions please send us an email or feel free to call the studio at (650) 434-2781.

Thank you, and we look forward to meeting everyone.

Best Wishes!

Angela & Deb - Owners