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Team Building

Team Building with Create Mix & Mingle

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Need a creative outlet to inspire your group?
Want a happy team that works better together?
Looking for a way to jump start creativity and collaboration?

How to Book a Corporate Private Event

Let Create Mix and Mingle do the work for you!

What we offer...

Open for Private Events! We have Two Spacious Art Studios, a Wine Bar, and offer catered breakfast, lunch, and dinner. To book a private event or team building activity, please call us at (650) 434-2781 or email us at info@createmixandmingle.com.

Paint & Sip Team Building

A Paint and Sip Team Building event.

Paint & Sip Team Building is an elegant and engaging art-inspired experience for your team or office. Create a featured painting on a 16" x 20" canvas, led by a private art instructor, while relaxing the mind and inviting conversation between colleagues. Events require no painting experience and are absolutely stress free.

Thrill your team with a fun, exciting and unique experience. Your event is designed to build trust, confidence and team work while producing better communication, improving productivity and increased effectiveness. Create Mix and Mingle includes everything you need - just show up and we'll do the rest!

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Communication & Collaboration

A Communication and Collaboration event painting abstract flower.

Let's all come together!

Our Communication & Collaboration events get each team member working together, adding their own creative element to one single abstract piece of art. The elements of the painting will all be focused around one central theme so that all additions are cohesive, yet unique. The Host is responsible for providing a 'theme' for the painting, however, our team loves to brainstorm ideas and company concepts.

What to expect
One or two leaders are chosen and teams are given the image of the artwork they need to recreate. It is then left to the group to work out their teams, delegate roles and responsibilities, and ensure everyone is on the same page in what they are setting out to achieve. The leader needs to constantly communicate with all the teams to ensure that each canvas lines up and all the shades match. This is very important as when all the individual canvases are brought together, it needs to represent one seamless piece of art - as if it was one painted by a single artist!

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Wine Glass Painting

Man painintg wine glass, looking at camera.Wine Glass Painting Let your creativity flow right off the canvas with our new wine glass painting classes. Professional artists will lead you to create elegant, but simple artwork right onto a wine glass, beer glass or wine cravat.

We provide all the art supplies you will need, plus the glass style of your choice. These personalized glasses are perfect to mark special occasions or conferences, or to showcase a company or team logo. Plenty of liquid inspiration is also available to full up your glasses from our on site wine bar! 

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Paint a Tote Bag!

Painted totebagsPaint a Tote Bag Our professional artists will lead you in creating amazing artwork right onto a fun and functional canvas tote bag. Choose inspiration from our painting galleries, famous artwork, integrate a logo, or let us create a custom piece just for your group!

We provide all the art supplies needed, plus a black or natural style 15 " x 16" tote bag of your choice, ready to paint on one or both sides. These personalized totes are perfect to mark special occasions or conferences, or to showcase a company or team logo! 

FACT Events

FACT event instructor standing at table.FACT Events are the most playful option of all the team events - utilizing non-traditional painting tools, loads of clever humor and inspired by some upbeat music.

Teams collaborate and communicate to create one large interconnected, multi-canvas piece of artwork reflecting your team's goals & values.

FACT events make participants feel accomplished in their participation in a super FUN environment. They provide a great opportunity for teams to socialize, while unleashing their inner artists and engaging in more creative thinking. It can also be a great way to get team members to work together toward a fun goal.

An art instructor or Create, Mix & Mingle leader will provide a brief introduction to the activity to help set the tone and explain why leadership chose to engage the team in this particular event.

Looking to rev up the creativity in your group? We recommend adding light hors d'oeuvres and some liquid inspiration to your event from our Liquid Inspiration Station, aka Wine Bar!

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 Fine Arts Cocktail Party

Men ans women drinking wine and painting on canvas.
Teamwork lays the foundation to create a collection of gallery-worthy art pieces.

The fine arts program offers each group the opportunity of painting a small segment of the big picture. The team must work together to ensure that the final results are a success.
The big picture image can be a representation of the company's brand, logo, conference theme, product, values, goals or even a recreation of a famous piece of art. Proudly display your completed work as a reminder of what can be achieved through teamwork.

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How to Book a Corporate Private Event

On the Go / Mobile Events

On the go paint setup

Can't make it in to our San Mateo studio? Want to host a Team Building event at the location of your choice? Add a little creativity to your next conference or meeting with Create Mix and Mingle!

Conference or meeting rooms, restaurants and hotels are great venue options. Let us come to you! Ask about making any of our Team Building Events an On the Go Event.

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Call (650) 434-2781 or email info@createmixandmingle.com for more information or to schedule an event.